Biking 12 000km from Singapore to Hong Kong in 180 days

Saturday, March 31, 2007

The food

The surest way to die in Vietnam is to be a vegetarian… The menu spanned the full range of God’s creatures – ducks and eels and pork and crabs and tortoises and chickens and cats and camels and dogs and slugs and snakes.

The Vietnamese are renowned for their coffee – a super-strong, thick, black brew served on a bed of thick, sweet condensed milk and chased down with a pot of green tea – yummy stuff…

Hot baguettes form the basis of a good Vietnamese breakfast – often stuffed with pig lard and chillies and minty greens.
Hot Dog – a restaurant advertising its speciality

Refrigeration is an early-morning business – at dawn hawkers buy big slabs of ice to keep their produce from spoiling in the brutal heat.